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With over 30 years of experience...

Meet Patty.  

Patty Shandra has over 30 years’ experience in the banking industry. She takes pride in her ability to understand her clients and then solve their financial issues.

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Daily Money Management - An Overview


Daily Money Managers (DMMs) assist clients with their personal monetary affairs. At first, the thought of involving an outsider in personal financial affairs may feel intimidating. However, most people find that once they have established a relationship with their DMM, they trust them entirely; in fact, many don't know how they managed without one!


At Checks and Balances, the actual services we provide vary from one client to the next. We only get involved as far as our customers want us to. You can tailor your money management experience by choosing from the following complete list of services:


  •  Bills

·      Call payees regarding incorrect bills

·      Prepare checks for clients to sign

·      Pay bills

·      File monthly billing statements

·      Audit credit card statements

·      Negotiate with creditors

  • Banks and Investments

·      Balance checkbooks and savings accounts

·      Maintain retirement and investment accounts

·      Prepare and make bank deposits

  • Insurance

·      Review medical insurance papers

·      Verify proper processing of claims

  • Financial planning

·      Offer financial counseling

·      Create plans to reduce debt

·      Prepare budgets for spending plans

·      Establish monthly payment schedules

  • Other Services

·      Provide general organizational assistance

·      Refer clients to legal, tax, and investment professionals and to community resources

·      Decipher daily incoming mail

Including charitable donation requests, credit card offers, sweepstakes entries, and other official-looking mail

·      Act as power-of-attorney